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Aw--Who Doesn't Love a Kitten Story

 April 10 1932 Vincennes Sun Commercial


 John Stansfield, of Lawrenceville, a member of the Vincennes Flying Club, never believed the story that a cat has nine lives. He doesn’t believe it yet, but he is certain there are seven lives, and he cites an experience of a couple of days ago to back it up.

Stansfield took a WACO plane from the O’Neal airport up for a solo flight. He intended for it to be a solo flight. He had been up for several minutes, soaring about over the beautiful farm lands and the Wabash River. The motor was purring in perfect harmony and Stansfield was experiencing the real thrill of aviation.

Suddenly he heard a noise. He could not determine its location, but fearing one of the control wires was rubbing and causing a friction he decided to come back to earth. The noise continued until he set the plane down in the field at the airport. Starting an examination, he made a startling discovery.

In the fuselage of the ship, he saw a mother feline, which had given birth to a family of six little "felinites" while the ship was up in the air. The boys over at the airport are trying to figure out a name suitable for the mother cat and her little family of ai -minded kittens.

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