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Automobiles Must Have Lights

Cars advertised locally in 1912

Driving on the right hand side of the road and having headlights on our cars are common place to drivers today, but that hasn’t always been the case.

August 20 1914 Lawreneville Republican: The Police Department of Lawrenceville has thrown out the net for violators of the automobile ordinance. The ordinance, among other regulations such as keeping to the right side of the street, provides for two front lights that will light the street 200 feet ahead, and one red tail light. These lights must be lighted thirty minutes after sunset.

Two weeks ago, the city authorities installed J T Brewer as Traffic cop at the crossing of Twelfth and State. This is one of the most dangerous crossings in the city because of the heavy amount of travel both on foot and by vehicle or auto. Mr. Brewer has been very busy educating the footmen as well as the drivers of proper regulations. He has also kept his eyes open for other things, and has discovered that the automobile drivers are careless as to their lights.

This week’s arrests are being made for violators of this ordinance. J F Smith, Chas Whittaker, John Griggs, and L W Piper were ticketed and each paid $ 17.15. A M Ewing, I J Quance, Maurice Mayo, Jed Horner and Dr R R Trueblood have all been requested to answer for neglect of the same character. Dr Trueblood has put his bristles up and is going to fight the ticket. His trial was set for Tuesday before Judge Kellar and Trueblood’s attorney, P W Barnes, received a change of venue to Judge J F Snyder of Denison. The case is being heard in Billet Wednesday.

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