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Automobiles in 1917

July 11, 1917 Lawrence County News

An inspection of the county assessor's records showed that horses listed in one township were assessed at $70 while another township assessed them at $87. Automobiles ranged from $100-$200 each, the number and value in each township being as follows:

Allison, 43 $8,700

Bond, 57 $6,330

Bridgeport, 209 $39,735

Christy, 68 $12,512

Denison, 175 $37,273

Lawrence, 302 $72,335

Lukin, 30 $3,085

Petty, 190 $26,767

Russell, 26 $4,050

It was estimated that there were in the neighborhood of 2,000 automobiles in Lawrence County at that time. (1917) However, the above figures included only those cars owned in the county on April 1st. Knox County, our neighbor on the east, with a population of more than double ours, had only 1122 automobiles.

(This is what Oil money will do.)

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