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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Earlier on this blog, we posted a photo and asked readers to help us with more information. The 1920 photo was taken at the home of Ray Moore in St Francisville, and included Rev. Hall and several ladies as well as a few children.

After this post, we received a nice email from R Hall, who lives in North Carolina, and who stated that Rev. Hall was his great- grandfather and passed away in his early 90s around 1962. Mr. Hall had several photos of Rev. Hall and considerable details on his life including his time as the minister at St. Francisville United Brethern Church. He has promised to meet our researchers at the Research library and share what he has in the very near future. Rev Hall’s son, Haskell, was owner, editor and publisher of the St. Francisville Times from the 1930s until the mid-40s.

Shortly after the first email, we received an email from K Ortberg, of southern California who is the granddaughter of Rev RB Hall and his wife, Mary Melvina Wiggs Hall. Haskell Walter Hall Sr was their son and was Ms. Ortberg’s father.

She added: “Rev RB Hall was pastor of the United Brethren Church in St Francisville, IL. The church burned down years ago and the congregation joined with the United Brethren Church at Sand Barens and Route 1. That church was rebuilt and eventually became the Evangelical United Brethren Church and finally merged with the Methodist denomination.

This photo is one of a Women's Sunday School class taught by Rev Hall.

Rev Hall also pastored UB churches in Sumner, Paris, Marshall, Olney, Elroy and served as a circuit riding pastor for several years. He died at the age of 93 in Dixon, IL.”

And then a third email, posted up. J Clark of St Francisville responded: “Ray Moore was my uncle. He was married to Metta Clark, my dad’s sister. I thought since the photo was taken in Uncle Ray’s yard that Aunt Metta might have been in the picture, but I don’t recognize any that I think is her. On another note, Cozie’s last name was Markle. Not sure of exact spelling, but it was a “k” and not a “c”. The home is now owned by John and Mary Jo Tussey.”

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to our request. We appreciate it.

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