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An Apple a Day

Harvesting Apples south of Sumner 1890

Agriculture Report for 1888

· 37,578 acres of corn yielded 30 bushes per acre.

· 26,849 acres of wheat or 4 percent less than 1887.

· 12 acres of sorghum yielding 8,610 gal of molasses.

· 248 acres of potatoes averaging 66 bushels per acre.

· Lawrence County is banner county for turnips in state.

· Lawrence County stands fourth in production of buckwheat,

with acreage of 1,250 acres yielding 20,125 bushels.

· Broom corn was raised on 110 acres yielding 27 tons worth $70 per ton.

· 2,000 bushels of timothy seed worth $1.85 bushel and 3,475 bushels of Clover seed

worth $4.50 per bushel which ranks the county 6th among Illinois counties.

· 21,478 lbs. of grapes and 1,636 gallons of wine reported.

· 27,685 bushels of apples raised.

· Cattle 4,447 worth $89,540

· Hogs, 16,319 worth $128,190,

· Sheep 8,889 with wool sheared of 65,000 lbs. worth $6,622.

· Horses 5,464.

(Ed Note: I suppose no one but John King will be interested in the above facts, but if your

ancestor farmed in Lawrence County in 1888, they weren’t raising soybeans.)

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