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Account Book 1820

A small handwritten account book has been located at the Lewis Library in Vincennes once belonging to Benjamin Gibbs, of Lawrence County. Originally Mr. Gibbs was from Litchfield Mass, and kept his business accounts in this same book beginning as early as 1782. The family moved to Lawrence County in 1820 and he continued to record his financial records.

Although the handwriting is often faint and very hard to read, several familiar names can be found among the entries: Wm Ramsey, Ebenezer Miller (1822) Wm Barten (1822) for smithwork, making one pitch fork and 1 hatchet, Mr. Musgrove (1827- smithwork) Jacob Ruark (1823 sold one honey tub) Jacob Trout (October 1824) Macon Jones, Benj. Melton (May 1836) Lewis and Joseph Ramsey (1846) Wm Bell (June 1847) R.E. Denison (1860) and William Baldwin (1847) (delivery to Browns Mill on the Wabash.)

The nature of Mr. Gibbs' business is not clear, although there were several entries to purchase staves for barrel making. He may have had a grist mill, possibly in the southern part of the county, because he received payment for grain measured in pounds. He may have also had a still because he sold "spirits" occasionally, and once rented his canoe to someone. ( Hopefully not the person he sold the spirits to. . . )


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