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"a regular detective"

Betty Mieure 1983

After nearly ten years of dedicated service to Golden Rule, switchboard operator Betty Mieure retired in 1983. Betty’s first job assignment was in Pending Claims. She later became claims clerk for the St Louis Public School group in 1978. Marilyn Satterfield, administrative assistant at the Home Office worked with Betty. “The thing that intrigued me most about her was that when no one else could locate a file, all we would have to do was to relay it to Betty. She was a regular detective”. After the School group was terminated, Betty began working on the switchboard. She also was in charge of scheduling the conference room and the company cars and ordering flowers for employees in the hospital. Betty whose favorite pastime was writing poetry, published at least one book of poems. She was awarded an Honorable Mention in 1982 in the World Poetry Contest for her poem, “He Didn’t Forget Me.”

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