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Two Drunks and a Wild Ride

Sumner Press Thursday January 11, 1883

“Your correspondent, accompanied by Ben Simmons, started for Beulah last Wednesday night when on reaching the woods west of Sid McClures’, our horses became frightened and almost unmanageable. To our surprise we found ourselves pursued by a huge looking varmint which seemed to be ten or twelve feet in length and between three and four feet high. Our horses bounded forward at full speed through the byroad in the wood being so badly frightened we could neither hold nor gentle them; but fortunately, they stayed in the road. Our pursuer being about twenty feet behind us and seemed to be coming up on us an “inch at a time” until he was within six feet of our horses. They having run about a mile were becoming somewhat tired and we began to think our chance for escape was slim for to shoot it the way we were going was impossible, and just at that time a light passed through the heavens, lighting everything almost as light as day which came very sudden and seemed to shock our friend “Lynx” as we shall call him causing him to make a sudden stop and we being in about sixty feet of a sharp turn in the road had but a second to gaze on the monster which was of a brown color. That being the last seen of it, of course our story ends and we shall make no effort to hunt our monster up (as has been proposed by some) as we are satisfied with our experience, and would here warn all passing through those woods to be on the alert for your life is at stake, and we faithfully promise you that if ever we go through that wood, we will have to be drunker than we were on New Years. Stubbin Twist."


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