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This is a Hold-Up!

August 20, 1914 Lawrenceville Republican The quiet village of Birds was excited Saturday by the attempted hold- up of the cashier in broad day light. Wm Murry, working in the oil field, and coming from Stoy, Illinois stepped into the bank to pawn a watch for $10. C E Gibson, the cashier, told him that it was not in his line, and that a loan of $10 could not be made on that security. Murry insisted and when finally refused, drew a revolver and demanded all the money in the bank.

At this point, Gibson engaged him, and in the scuffle, the revolver fell to the floor and fell apart. At this Murry ran and Gibson fired his gun to warn the populace. Murry was apprehended and brought to Lawrenceville. His preliminary trial was held before Judge Kellar who placed him under a $500 bond and in jail.


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