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Thanks Again Volunteers

Once again a group of volunteers met at Moffet Cemetery, Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m September 16, and cleaned stones for about 1 1/2 hours. Ed Brumley shot GPS locations for Find- A Grave and Brianna Jackson solved a mystery for which genealogists will be grateful.

Andrew Franklin Corrie's obituary dated July 30, 1925 published in the Daily Republican Register at Mount Carmel stated that Andrew and his second wife Lucy Tarpley had two sons who died in infancy. Their names were not given. Find a Grave called them Infant Corrie and Infant Corrie. However when Brianna located the stones at Moffet, and did a minimum amount of cleaning, she could read one was Arthur, born and died in 1894, at 27 days and one was Oral, born and died in 1895 almost 2 months old. Way to Go, Brianna! Those babies deserved to be remembered by their names.

Come help us make history one stone at a time. Watch the blog for when we will be working again, or call 908-208-2372 to add your name to our group text message. (And if you don't live close, you can still help by sending a check to buy D-2 or have a stone reset. We clean for free but we have to pay to have the stones reset and repaired.) Lawrence County Historical Society, PO Box 425 Lawrenceville, Illinois 62439

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