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Stills and Blackberry Wine

Page 1 of Lawrence County News, published in Lawrenceville, Illinois on Wednesday, October 17th, 1923

The Board of Supervisors met in regular monthly session Tuesday morning with all members present. The greater part of the time before noon was taken up by James H Danskin, field attorney for the Anti- Saloon League of Illinois who wanted the board to make an appropriation to investigate the liquor violations in Lawrence County during the past few months. The board tabled the matter and adjourned for dinner. After dinner, Mr. Danskin again appeared with a resolution embodying practically the same request, but again the board tabled it.

Also, on the front page that same day were the articles shown below. One wonders if they had anything to do with the Board not wanting to investigate the liquor violations.

· Ed Bass was in the city Monday and entered into a bond of $1500 for his appearance at the November term of County Court. Last week officers visited the Bass home in Lukin and found several gallons of blackberry wine that upon analysis contained more than the amount of alcohol prescribed by law. Bass was notified of the result of the analysis and promptly came in to arrange his bond.

· The News last week stated that Sheriff Simms and his deputies visited the home of Perry Biggs in Lukin town and found a still. Note: The item was true, but rather misleading. The sheriff did visit the Biggs home, but the still was not found in the house, in fact was not even on the Biggs land, but was about fifteen rods north of the house in a briar patch.

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