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Steamboats. . really?

"In 1836", according to a statement by Mr. Cauthorn," as many as 800 steamboats passed by Vincennes by actual count." From 1840-1845 more than 200 boats carried on a regular traffic between Vincennes and various points on the Ohio and Miss. Rivers. Between 1850 and 1860 steam boating on the Wabash was a profitable and remunerative business. In Aug. 1852 rails for the Vincennes division of the C&T (Cairo and Vincennes) Railroad were brought up the Wabash from New Orleans on five large Boats. " Green page 518 This information was found in the Lewis Library at Vincennes University in 2010.

Want to learn more about the steamboats that regularly traveled the Wabash? Our book "Water Water Everywhere" has stories about:

  • The first steamboat in 1823

  • a chart with the names of steamboats that docked at Vincennes

  • the Lawrence county Connection to a steamboat builder

  • a circus steamboat that stopped at Mtount Carmel, Vincennes, Russelville, and Hutsonville

  • Steamboat races on the Wabash

  • Steamboat accidents

  • or very own steamboat landing at Belgrade

  • Steamboat Pilots

  • The last Steamboat on the River

Steamboats are only a part of the interesting articles in the book. All have a common theme of Water and its effect on life in Lawrence County. Almost 100 pages of historic aspects of water related topics that include floods, migration and early mills, steamboats, the pearl rush, Lake Lawrence, Stivers Springs and many more. Click here to order or stop by the research library to pick up a copy.

Saturday morning September 23 2023, we will be selling our extra school yearbooks for BTHS, LTHS and some RHHS for only $20! We don't have duplicates of Sumner or St Francisville, sorry, but we do have the great basketball years for both LTHS and BTHS. so come in and see if we have your year!

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