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SHS "Arabs" Basketball-- 1940s and 1950s

The Sumner High School team of 1948-1949 posted a fine record and turned out one of the finest ball players in Sumner’s history, Jack Piper. He set a scoring record of 443 points which remained unbroken until 1959-1960. That team produced two fine ballplayers, Jerry Atkins and Gary Everette. They both eclipsed Piper’s scoring mark of 443 points by scoring 508 and 495 respectively. That year the team won their first Conference title in history with a 12-2 Conference record.

Sumner 1952 Basketball Teams

Top Photo: 1st Row Jimmie Fisher, Howard Kedeker, Wendall Messenger, Don Petty and Tom Perrrott,

2nd row: Mr. Miller, Bob Pinkstaff, Terry Poole, John Kruko, Johnny Weiss, Jerry Poole, and Tom Fausnacht

Middle Photo: Second Team: Don Doser, Philip Clark, Frank Bartram, Terry Poole, Bernard Goodwin, John Groves, Don Scaggs, Bob Pinkstaff and Mr. Miller

Bottom Photo: Grade School Team First Row: David Pool, Danny McVickar, Charles Fiscus, Jim Miller, Kenneth Jones, Charles Fiscus, and Harry Darnall

Second Row: Mr. Miller, Leo Deimel, Larry Miller, Elden Mitchell, Ronnie Stollen, Fred Madden, Charles Ash and Robert Jones.

Sumner 1952 Basketball Cheerleaders

Top photo: Bette Jones, Alice Vogel, Vonda Harbaugh

Middle photo: Freshmen Phyllis Piper, Ann White, Karen Stout

Bottom Photo: Grade School Bernice Piper, Janet Piper, Joan Clark and Romell Houser

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