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O'er the Land of the Free

Our newest volunteer, Wanda B, has been organizing the church files at the Research Library. These include histories of churches in the past and those still opening their doors every Sunday. Not only are there photographs of the actual buildings, but many of the congregations as well. Some have early membership registers and church minutes detailing when members died or moved away. These can be very helpful to genealogists . . . . and apparently, to historians.

The following notation was discovered in one of these Lawrence County church books.

June 8, 1924 “An all- woolen flag of the United States size 6’ by 10’ was presented to (deleted for privacy reasons)

Church by the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Also, a donation of $21.50. signed KKK”

One of the 48-star flags in our collection but NOT the one mentioned in this blog.

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