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LHS History Makers

On November 30, 1984, the Daily Record published an article about LHS basketball history makers.

"Four former Lawrenceville High School basketball players were among the highest point producers in the history of Illinois high school basketball.

"Top Scorers for a career- 40 players were listed:

No. 3 Marty Simmons from 1980-1983 (2,986 points)

No. 15 Doug Novsek from 1979-1982 (2,183)

No. 16 Jay Shidler from 1974-1977 (2,183)

No. 18 Rick Leighty from 1971-1974 (2,181)

"Single season scorer-- 20 players listed based on points scored

No. 2 Marty Simmons in 1983 scored 1,087 points in 34 games and had a 32.0 average

No. 9 Jay Shidler in 1976 scored 1,013 points in 31 games for a 32.7 average

No. 17 Dennis Shidler, in 1970 scored 978 for a 34.9 scoring average

"Single game scorer- 40 players listed

No. 12 Marty Simmons, 63- Feb 1 1983 vs Red Hill

No. 28 Jay Shidler, 55 Jan 16 1976 vs Fairfield

No. 29 Dennis Shidler, 55 Feb 17, 1970 vs Mt Carmel"

The article continued that Jay Shidler went on to play for University of Kentucky, played ball in Scotland, and then returned to Lexington to broadcast the Wildcat baseball games for one year. In 1984, he was in charge of the Lexington basketball program.

Dennis Shidler in 1984 was the head basketball coach at Lincoln Trail College in Robinson, after playing ball at the University of Texas at Austin. He played one year there before transferring to Vincennes University and from VU to Southern Illinois, Carbondale.

In 1984, Doug Novsek was playing ball for the Saluki Squad at Southern Illinois, Carbondale and Marty Simmons was playing ball at Indiana University.

What are these ballplayers doing now? Jay Shidler, known as the "Blonde Bombshell", (or to his family as the younger brother of Dennis Shidler,) will update his career Monday, October 24, 2022, 7:00 at a program at the History Center, Lawrenceville, IL. Admission is free, donations accepted on behalf of the Lawrence County IL Historical Society.


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