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Divorces and Photographs

Because the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire, genealogists often have trouble trying to figure out what happened to their families from 1880 to 1900. Children are born, people die, daughters marry, families move to another location. . . a lot can happen in a family over twenty years. So, in the interest of aiding some genealogists, here are some divorces that occurred in 1890.

Divorces granted: Amy Clark vs John Clark; Mary L. Montgomery vs Amos Montgomery; Nora B. Highsmith vs Homer Highsmith, James Vance vs Caroline Vance, Mary A. Fitts vs George Fitts; Maria Meeks vs John Meeks; Lucinda Starkman vs H. J. Starkman

And apparently these people changed their minds after filing. . . Dismissed: Polly Rawlings vs A.S. Rawlings; Mary E. Roberts vs Willis Roberts.

Also, for you who have vintage photographs taken by Lilly Wood of Sumner, Illinois this notice, printed in the February 13, 1890, edition of the Sumner Press might help you date them.

“Miss Lilly Wood has rented Mrs. Gosslee’s photographic outfit and will continue the picture business. Miss Lilly is a very fine artist and will no doubt merit and should receive a very liberal patronage.”

The two photographs of children are unidenified. The couple are Benjamin Saxton and wife.

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