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Fort Allison

Austin Tann (born in 1791, died in 1869) was among the first settlers in what is now known as Lawrence County, Illinois. Tann and his family migrated  from the south up into this area with a group associated with the Shaker Colony located in northern Knox County, Indiana. He later moved across the Wabash River and lived at Fort Allison (Russellville). Tann and a few other black settlers were used as Indian Scouts. In 1810 Tann was an eye witness at the famous meeting between Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison, and Tecumseh, the Shawnee Indian Chief that took place at the governor's mansion (Grouseland) located at the territorial capitol in Vincennes, Indiana. Austin Tann had nine children and several of his descendants still live in Lawrence County. He is buried at the old Tann Family Cemetery, east of Pinkstaff, Illinois.

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