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713 12th Street

West Side

2013 – Present The Cuttin’ Up Salon and Spa is now at this location.

713 12th Street

1990 -2012: Special Effects Photography, specializing in seniors and children’s portraits, was located here. Owned by Dale and Pam Magnum they offering traditional and contemporary types of portraits. For eleven years prior to opening this business Dale had photographed children's groups and weddings.

1972: According to the phone book, the Student Economic Development Corp, managed by Margie Gilbert, used this space.

1966: Henschen’s Smorgasbord served food here and was owned by Dwight E. Henschen.

1941-1959: Although it was called the A & P Tea Co in 1941, and the A & P Super Market by 1956, the store was managed all these years by Kelly W. Davis. Clark’s Meat Market, managed by Dale Clark also operated in this store location in 1956.

1913? -1922: Carrithers Bakery, Meat Market, and Groceries was owned by O. B. Carrithers. They advertised they sold Yankee Maid Bread.

1913: Fire broke out in Carrithers Grocery Store and spread to the entire building including the building to the north—the West Side Clothing store. The A.M. Fyffe building was flooded and all the buildings to the south were water-damaged. The Lodge Hall upstairs on the third floor was ruined.

Second Floor
Present: Vacant

1959: Vacant

1956: Charles Binns Cullison, Prudential Insurance Sales Agent, had an office on the second floor.

Third floor:
19??: At some point in time, the third floor was removed for safety reasons.

1954: The Masonic Lodge moved from the building and the Lawrenceville Civic Recreation Council began remodeling the room for a Teen Center. The dais at the east, west and south sides of the old Lodge Hall were removed and new flooring installed in those areas. The old flooring was sanded and treated with Bruce finish. Changes were also made in the kitchen. The door leading to the big room from the kitchen was removed and the door opening changed, to make a passageway to a snack bar that extended for some distance along the south wall. Another restroom was created from part of the kitchen space. The rooms formerly used for storage of Lodge paraphernalia, were utilized for the storage of teenage equipment, and as cloak rooms.The big hall was approximately 50 x 80', and said to have been in good condition. The walls were papered and in fair condition. The roof was good and didn’t leak. The center was heated with automatic gas heaters. The windows, which gave sufficient light during the day, were covered by Venetian blinds.

1913-1954: The third floor was used as the Masonic Lodge until 1954. A.F. and A.M. Edwards Dobbins Lodge #164 met there monthly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights while the Eastern Star, Lawrenceville Chapter #701, had their meetings there on the 2nd and 4th Friday night each month.

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