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712 11th Street

East Side

Present Day: United Healthcare (Golden Rule Insurance Co) is the present owner.

712 11th Street

19??: Building purchased by Golden Rule Insurance Co

1977: The office of L & R Insurance Agency Inc. was located here. Also Golden Rule Life Insurance and Congressional Life Insurance were still in this building.

1966-1972: Offices located in the building included Golden Rule Life Insurance Co.( Pat Rooney, President), Data Service Corp. (John G Selig, President), Congressional Life Insurance Co. (Frank S. Ladner, President) and Insurance Administration Corp.( R. J. Kunkel, President)

1953-September 1960: The Teegarden Furniture Co. leased the building until Harry R. Querry sold his interest in the business and the lease was not renewed.

1948-December 1953: Harry R Querry managed the Teegarden Store until he purchased the controlling interest in 1953. The store was known for its extensive floor covering department. Teegarden's store policy: "The customer is more important than the Sale."

19??-1948: The Teegarden Store was opened by Ted Meskimen and D. W. Teegarden as Meskimen –Teegarden. Later Meskimen sold his interest and the name was changed to Teegarden only.

19??: Meskimen Furniture and Record Store operated in the building

1941: Grant Woods opened a furniture store known as Indian Furniture Exchange in this building with an address of #712-14 Eleventh St. The upstairs was vacant.

1921-22: The Court House Restaurant and Madison Billiards Hall was located at street level while the second floor was home to the Royal Order of the Moose #729.

The Madison Billiards Hall was operated by Harry O. Glover and KIngery. They advertised billiards, cigars and soft drinks.

The Basement Barber shop was located under the Court House Restaurant and operated by A. E. Sturgeon. He had purchased the East Side Barber Shop from Forest Denison and moved to the basement in March 16,1905. Mr. Denison continued to work there but Roll Moore who had been with Denison since 1903 relocated to Birds. In 1907 Mr. Sturgeon sold the shop to George Organ.

Under the Madison Billiard Parlor was the Basement Tailors and Cleaners operated by Smith & Hall.

19??: The present building was built by John Buchanan after the Crackel house was torn down.

1910: Lyman Emmons opened a new funeral parlor in the home.He advertised that it was the only complete undertaking establishment in the county with display rooms, office, chapel, morgue trimming rooms and sleeping rooms each in a separate roof but all under the same roof.

1800’s: According to Historic Preservation Specialist B. Ross, the photo of the Crackel House suggests that it was likely built in the period c.1865-1875. The house had a mansard roof typical of the Second Empire style.

Research is ongoing for other property owners in the 1800’s.

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