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705 12th Street

West Side

1994 –Present Hunan Garden, a Chinese Restaurant, is located here.

705 12th Street

1968-1987: Dick Fessel Clothing Store was located in this building. In 1987 the owner announced a “Quitting Business Sale.” Since 1915 the people of Lawrence County had purchased men’s apparel at this location under a variety of business names.

1949-1968: Steve Doty purchased the interest of his partner C. E. Shorey in the Schorey Clothing Store on May 26, 1949.

1946-1956: C.E.Shorey purchased the stock and fixtures of the Will Thorn Clothing Store. On May 29, 1947 he formed a partnership with Stephen Doty known as Schorey’s Clothing. Mr. Schorey then bought a stock of clothing at Hartford City, Indiana and left the Lawrenceville store in charge of Mr. Doty. Finding his interests in Hartford City took most of his time and attention, he decided to give Doty an opportunity to become the full owner of the Lawrenceville business.

1942: This business was once again named the William Thorn Clothing store. It was burglarized May 1942 with the burglars breaking one pane of glass in the skylight at the rear of the store, and descending by means of a rope or ladder. The store had been protected by a burglar alarm system which operated by dry batteries but they had so weakened that when the wires were broken the alarm did not sound.

1919-1923: Frockt Clothing Firm was leased by Hyman Frockt in May, 1919. He advertised dry goods, clothing, ready to wear, and Red Cross shoes for sale. In June 1920, he had installed a cabinet-system National cash register. Each clerk would have his or her own particular drawer and keep an account of his own business transactions until the close of each day. Any error could then be easily traceable to its source and no one clerk would be blamed for the carelessness of another. This was a new concept in retailing.

1915-1921: Wm Thorn owned Thorns Clothing Store.


1977: Ron Etcheson Photography was located at 705 12th St. His ad in the phone book indicated that he was available for “portraits, weddings, copy work, photos of children in the home, and framing commercial groups.”

1956: According to the phone book, Benny Cochran L Ins agency was located at 705 ½ 12th St but by 1959 this location was vacant.

1941: Dr. D. D. Griffith was in this location.

1942: Charlie Winship Taxi Service

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