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703 12th Street

West Side

2011 to Present: The Finishing Touch Gallery leased and owned by Calvin and Wanda Sechrest

703 12th Street

1997: Gray’s High Tech Computer Service and Repair business operated at this location.

1993: Strange Happenings still sold children’s and infants wear, according to the phone book.

1977: The Young American –Tots to Teens Shop was operated at this location.

1971: Hedde's Gift and Baby shop owned by Wayne and Patty Schlanker.

1936-1971: Hedde Gift and Baby shop had its beginning in October, 1926 when Gladys Hedde, a widow opened a small business specializing in handmade clothing for infants in one room of her home. After operating her business at home for one year, she was forced to find larger quarters for her infants’ wear and needlework due to customer demand for her products. She then moved twice always to larger quarters until finally settling into this corner location. The store slogan was “A Children’s World at Hedde’s” and she offered infants’ wear and a full line of clothing for children of all ages including pre-teens. After 45 years in business Mrs. Gladys Hedde sold the Gift and Baby Shop to Wayne and Patty (Gay) Schlanker on July 6, 1971.

1907-1922: Citizen’s Bank was at this location. C.F Breen was the president with Web Kinder as the cashier in 1922. On Jan 5, 1911 the Directors of Citizen’s Bank were C.H Pinkstaff, R.F. Jones, J.H. Klingler, K.J. Craske, H.K Seed, C F. Breen, T.P. Gillespie. They advertised that their capital was $100,000 and that they paid 2% interest for 3 month time deposits and 3 % interest for 6 month time deposits.

This building originally featured a sheet metal façade manufactured by George Mesker & Company of Evansville, Indiana. The cornice features Mesker’s “morning glory” pattern brackets. The wall panels were designed to give the appearance of stone and were likely painted a stone color when the building was first built. The iron columns between the storefronts are Mesker’s “anthemion” pattern. The front of 703 is still visible. (Information from Historic Preservation Specialist B. Ross.)

1866 -1900?: Mr. T. W. Roberts located in Lawrenceville about 1866, where he was engaged in a general merchandising business for thirty years.

Upstairs #701 ½ (Address as given by Post Office)

1935-1977: On November 7, 1935 Dr. Ralph Armitage moved to his new office rooms on the corner of 12th and State Streets from the Gee Building on the south side of the square. The new rooms were said to be “nicely furnished and very conveniently arranged, as well as being very appropriately located over the Baby Shop.” At this Dr. Armitage entered into a long time lease of the second floor of this building from Otto H. Barnes and remodeled the entire suite as well as installed a new roof.

1922: Philip W. Barnes was located over the bank as was Otto H. Barnes, a real estate dealer.

1822: Samuel H Clubb, a licensed tavern owner purchased the Original lot 19 as well as the lot to the west known as Lot 20, both for $156 on June 1822 from the County Commissioners when the city was platted.

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