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1125 State Street

North Side

​Present Day: Stoneberger’s Jewelry’s store

1125 State Street

1952 - 1972: On May 1st, 1952 Charles Hedde purchased the former Baker Drug store located on the corner diagonally across from his mother’s Baby and Gift Shop. He continued to operate it as a Walgreen agency, under the name of Hedde Drug Store.

1949 -1952: Harry Baker purchased the Walgreen drugstore from the Maxey Drug Company, and opened for business on October 1, 1949 to become known as Baker Drug. A new Bastian Blessing stainless steel fountain was installed in January 1950. The fountain and bar were, at that time, moved from the front of the store and equipped with 12 comfortable stools arranged so all customers were served from the counter giving more floor space for other purposes.

1949: Maxey Drug Company operated the drugstore at this location.

1937- 1941: On June 10, 1937 the City Pharmacy at the Northwest corner of State and 12th was sold to G.G. Ricker and H. L. Schmalhausen. Cy Rowell remained with the new firm. The new owners planned to redecorate and re-arrange the fixtures and install a light lunch counter.

1933-1937: In 1933, the Thorn Drug Store was closed for several months but reopened on June 15, 1933 with J. C. Rowell as pharmacist. The Store was then owned by L. C. Gee.

1919-1933: The Thorn Drug Store was listed in city directories through these years. On August 19, 1925 a new iceless fountain was installed in the store.

1911-??: The Fancher Drug Co. is shown in an early photo at this location. By Jan 12, 1911 the Fancher Drug Company had 5 other stores in surrounding communities. The President of the corporation was W. E. Fancher of Lawrenceville.

190?: After the Lanes relocated across Market Street (now 12th St), the McNare-Danks Drug Store moved into the building. This pharmacy, was owned by Hugh McNair, a pharmacist, and Dr. C.P. Danks, a dentist.

1904: The building was first used by John Fitch for a dry goods store, and then occupied by Peecher & Lane for the same business. They named their store ‘The Bazaar’ and advertised “One Price to All.”

Present: Vacant?

1972: Office of Charles Hedde was upstairs.

1966-1972: Dr. David W. Luckett, DDS had a dental practice upstairs.

1956 - 1959: Dr. Percy W. Kensler was listed in the city directories as a physician and surgeon.

1922: The law office of J. O. Martin who also was listed as a real estate dealer and the office of Dr. J. C. Tanquary, Optometrist and Optician could be reached by the stairs to the second floor on the west side of the building near the post office.

1920: Dr. John C. Tanquary, Optometrist, formerly with Dr. J. E. Connett, moved his offices over Thorn’s drug Store.

1919: Dr. W.C. Hayhurst had an office upstairs over Thorn’s Drug Store. He expected to spend most of his time in this city, although his oil interest necessitated frequent trips to Kansas.

190?: Dr. Danks had his dental office upstairs.

1800’s: Research is ongoing as to earlier property owners.

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