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1123 State Street

North Side

2007-Present: Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant is located here.

1123 State Street

1977-1998: The Dollar General Store operated at this location.

1966 -1972: Rechters Brothers Dept. Store was located here. Don Fallert was the manager in 1972.

1941-1962: Sears Roebuck & Co. had their store and catalog sales department at this address.

1928: Murphy Co. 5 & 10 Store is shown as being at this location in an early photo.

1920-1925: P. B. McCullough Clothing and Department Store advertised that they sold floor coverings, ladies ready-to- wear, leather goods, millinery, and toys. In 1920, the store was giving away a set of little sister dolls to children accompanied by their mothers on Friday, April 16. Miss Emma Kelch had installed a hemstitching machine at the store and was ready to do hemstitching and picot edging for McCullough’s customers.

1910-1911: Carter and Co. operated at this address.

1956 – present: Vacant

1922: Dr. D.D. Griffith, had his dental office over the P B. McCullough Dept Store

Mowery & Co. Building. The sheet metal cornice was manufactured by George Mesker & Company of Evansville, Indiana. It is known as their “morning glory” pattern because of the flower motif used on each bracket, according to Historic Preservation Specialist B. Ross.

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