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1121 State Street

North Side

Present Day: Cellular One is located here.

1121 State Street

1966 -1980: Hazels, a women’s ready- to- wear shop operated at this location. Tana Matricia was the owner in 1972.

1956-1959: The Green Room Saloon served patrons here.

1938-1942: M. H. “Jock” Mercer sold his interest in the Lawrenceville Recreation Center on June 4, 1942 to Alfred Coffe who had been associated with him for some time. Billiards and Pool could be played there as well as getting the Sports returns. Cigars and tobaccos, sandwiches and soft drinks were also sold.

1900’s: This building originally belonged to Ike W. Mowrey who had a grocery store in it. His was the leading grocery at that time. Harry Gray and George Tennison worked for him and later they became partners and changed the name to Gray -Tennison & Company.


Present - Vacant
1956 -1959: Charlie D. Belt lived upstairs.

1941: C. H. David Jr. lived there.

1920: Miss Della Hall of Chicago, the then recently-hired nurse for the detection and treatment of tuberculosis in the county, with an annual salary of $1500 funded partly by the sale of Christmas stamps, had her office in the Mowrey building over Gray, Tennison and Co’s Grocery. Her telephone number was 677.

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