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1116 Jefferson Street

South Side

Present Day: Vacant lot (Missing Building)

1116 Jefferson Street

This is the center section of the Gee building. 19??: Building demolished.

1972: This building was vacant.

1966: The Harris Market owned by E. H. Harris was located here.

1956-59: Bud’s Red & White Grocery, managed by Charles A. Whetston, did business at this location.

1925 -42: J. M. Humphrey opened Packers Market on the south side of the square. The market advertised it was strictly ‘cash and carry’ as opposed to customers having accounts. Mr. Humphrey handled fresh and smoked meat with fruits, vegetables and groceries added later. By 1941 Mr. Humphrey advertised his business as a retail and wholesale meat and grocery store with frozen food lockers available for rent at his plant one mile east of Lawrenceville on US 50.

1923: Ground was broken July 25 for three business buildings on the south side of the square adjoining the Gee block on the east. W. D. Cook had the contract and hoped to complete the work in 90 days.

1922: O.K. Grocery was a general merchandise store located on this site and owned by Lyman Quick. Lyman is the gentleman on the phone in the foreground; others shown-- left front Clay Brink; Ed Carrol, behind Brink; Pete Hale, dark figures in the background and A. Fred Wesin, center foreground. Note the packets of seeds on the front cases. Showing In the left foreground is one of the early refrigerators where the milk and fresh vegetables were kept. In the background behind Brink and Carroll is another type of refrigerator in which all meat and poultry were stored.

Research continues for early 1900 property owners as well as those in the 1800’s. Researchers believe that previous owners of property in this block were John Dollahan, Charles Allender, and Dr William Garrard who had a home and office here.

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