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1112 Jefferson Street

South Side

Present Day: Vacant lot (Missing Building)

1112 Jefferson Street

As shown in all the old photos, this two story brick building had three business spaces on the first floor, and probably several offices upstairs. Because the Post Office attached different street numbers to the businesses through the years, and it has been difficult to properly place certain ones. The farthest east business was consistently labeled #1112.

19??: Missing demolished.

1941-1972: Capital Finance Corporation was located here. In 1956-59 the office was managed by R.P. Lux; they advertised that they made loans up to $5000. In 1941 Paul Wilson was the manager.

1924?: A two story brick building was built by Mr. Gee.

1919-1922: Johnson Auto Company operated by Paul Staninger sold Buick automobiles at this location.

Research continues for early 1900 property owners as well as those in the 1800’s. Researchers believe that previous owners of property in this block were John Dollahan, Charles Allender, and Dr William Garrard who had a home and office here.

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