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1110 Jefferson Street

South Side

Present Day: West Section. Vacant but connected to Magness Variety Store now owned by Brian Straub.

1110 Jefferson Street

19??: At some point the Variety store enlarged its space to include this part of the building.

1972: Vacant business

1966: Breyfogles Booterie owned by George Breyfogle was located here. His merchandise included shoes, hose and handbags.

1958: R. E. Rominger sold his shoe store to John F. Moore. There appeared to be no relationship between Miss Mable Moore, an employee for the ten previous years, and the new owner from Missouri. By 1959 the name had changed to Moore’s Shoe Store.

1924-1958: Golden Rule Shoe Store owned by Roland E. Rominger was at this business address for 34 years, renting the room before the building was erected. The 1925 newspaper reported that Mr. Rominger made a buying trip to St. Louis to purchase spring merchandise. At some point between 1941 and 1956 the name was changed to Rominger’s Shoe Store.

1924?: Present building erected.

Research continues for early 1900 property owners as well as those in the 1800’s. Researchers believe that previous owners of property in this block were John Dollahan, Charles Allender, and Dr William Garrard who had a home and office here.

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