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1109 State Street

North Side

Present Day: Terrapin Station

1109 State Street

1920- 2007: Yosowitz Men’s clothing store was located here. Ben N. Yosowitz came to Lawrenceville in 1910, arriving with $10, a big tailoring iron then known as a goose, a secondhand sewing machine, his thimble and needles, and a few spools of thread. He was a tailor. Yosewitz started in a room in a building on 13th and State Street, making and repairing suits. From this small start he added some small lines, and in 1912, moved into the room later occupied by William. F. Hensley, the real estate and insurance agent.

His stock of merchandise was small, and he sold out completely every Saturday. To enlarge his stock he crossed the street and borrowed $200 from Mr. Breen of the Citizens Bank. Eight years later Yosowitz moved to the building on the north side of the square, and purchased the building. The 1922 phone book said he sold leather goods and suitcases and was the sotre for the Lad and His Dad. In 1923 he sold Billiken shoes, Tom Sawyer and Kaynee boy’s blouses, knickerbocker suits, hole-proof hosiery and guaranteed these items.

His wife and his three boys Mandell, Joseph, and Morris, helped with the business. Mandell remaining with his father, while Joseph was associated with the ladies ready-to-wear business in Vincennes and Morris is in the shoe business in Arizona.

1900’s: A restaurant is shown as being in this building in an early photograph. It is believed to be John Caley’s . This business was followed by a jewelry store owed by D. L. Ward who had a spectacle case in one corner.

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