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1105 State Street

North Side

Present Day: Personal Finance Co has offices in this building.

1105 State Street

1966-72: Pioneer Finance had relocated to this location from upstairs at 1108 ½ Jefferson on the south side of the square. In 1972 W. H. Boyd was manager.

1959: The store was vacant.

1935-1958: The Square Deal Grocery was owned and operated by Guy Mills for a number of years. On September 26, 1935 Guy Mills purchased the interest of Wayne Gorrell in the Happy Hour Grocery business, but kept the name until 1941. In 1958, the newspaper said it had been used for a grocery store for about 60 years.

1922: H. J. Gordon Groceries and Coffee Roaster was located here.

1900’s: Shown in the interior photo is Lyman Quick and an unknown young man in the left foreground. Center left in the white cap is Guy Mills; next two men are unknown; Mr Brush, Ross Montgomery and Dr. Montgomery who was a veterinarian. On the top shelf right are the breakfast foods, Quaker Oats, Hominy Grits and corn flakes. The chairs are for the 'loafers' and are close to the pickle barrel or cracker barrel.

1959: Wm. Thompson lived upstairs.

1956: Leonard McGinness, Helen Gross, and Myrle Zike lived in the apartments upstairs.

1941: Francis N. Perring and his wife, Ruby lived upstairs. He was a mechanic for Whitie & G. Garage.

1922: Dr F.F. Petty had offices upstairs.

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