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Surplus Vintage Yearbooks

Surplus Vintage Yearbooks


Thanks to the generosity of several donors, we find that we have an abundance of high school yearbooks from Bridgeport and Lawrenceville. We have a set at the research library, and one in storage at the History Center, plus the local public library has a set.  

Many of these yearbooks were donated by yearbook collectors, and by that, I mean persons who have no emotional attachment to any particular yearbook. They were purchased at yard sales, auctions, etc. and then donated to us. While we appreciate every donation, we now find we have an excess of certain “years.”

We treasure the artifacts that donors entrust to us but with that comes a responsibility on our part to preserve and properly store the items.  Archival boxes, proper weight- bearing bookcases, providing the correct temperature for archival storage at the two buildings. . . all that costs money. We receive no tax dollars and operate on the generosity of our members and blog readers so every dollar counts.  

After much discussion, the Board of Directors have agreed to allow our extra yearbooks to be sold as a fundraiser to genealogists or classmates who have lost their yearbooks through the years.  

Let me make myself very clear. Yearbooks donated by individuals with family connections to the yearbook they donated will NOT be sold.  Only the excess yearbooks donated by collectors will be offered for sale.

Yearbooks will be sold for $20 as- is on a “first come- first serve” basis. $5.00 shipping will be added for each one unless the book is picked up in Lawrenceville.


The following yearbooks are available: 

Lawrenceville High School:  1913,   1916,   1917,     1922,     1927,     1928,     1929,     1930,     1940,

1949,     1951,    1953,    1956,    1959,     1961,     1962,     1963,     1966  


Bridgeport High School:   1914,     1916,     1920,     1923,     1924,     1925,     1926,     1927,     1929,     

1930,     1931,     1958,     1959,      1971


In addition to these yearbooks we offer: 


Souvenir of the Dedication of the New BTHS Auditorium in 1927 with sport photos and vintage Bridgeport business ads 


Student handbook for BTHS 1909-1910 included course offerings, class lists, and pictures (First year of attendance in High School building) 


Handbook of Information about BTHS course offerings, lots of pictures, interior photos of the classrooms, circa 1920-1924. 


St. Francisville Grade school yearbook 1981-82


 So if you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for an elderly relative, or if you are a genealogist and need photographs of relatives, or if you are planning a class reunion and need a door prize, consider this offer and help support the Historical Society.


Not all yearbooks are pictured here. For more information contact

 After you add the book to your cart, click on "View Cart" and then add the yearbook (school and year) in the "Add a Note" section at the bottom left. If you have trouble or want to pick up a book in Lawrenceville, contact us at (You can also purchase a yearbook the old fashioned way, by emailing and telling us which books you want, then send a check to PO Box 425, Lawrenceville, Illinois 62439 and we will set your books aside until we get your check and then forward them to you.)

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