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Dr. Schrader's Office Progress Report

AUGUST, 2015


Thanks to a few dedicated individuals, including Clay Atkins, Larry Curry, Kiel Price and Flossie Price, the work day at Lanterman History Village on August 1, 2015 was a success. The surrounding chain link fence that had partially fallen down and contributed significantly to the neglected appearance of the site, was  removed. All objects in the building had been removed a few weeks before and are now in storage awaiting preservation work. The shingles have arrived and the roofing is scheduled to begin within the week.  The Lawrence County Historical Society Board toured the building during their August board meeting and congratulated David Burgett and his crew on a job well done.

JULY, 2015


New campaign for fundraising begins. Project Manager David Burgett lists items to be done: New shingles; Repair or reconstruct six window sashes and replace one window pane; Repair transom above back door; Make all doors functional and secure; Repair or rebuild front porch; Minor repairs to siding and trim; Paint exterior; Construct new steps at back door; Repair buckle in exam room floor and restore all floors; Make minor repairs to plaster walls and ceiling, and paint the interior; Clean and rejuvenate medical instruments, furniture and books; Replace period linoleum in exam room if existing is not salvageable.



David Burgett presented a program to the ‘Friends of the Lanterman History Village’ describing the state of deterioration of Dr. Schrader’s office building.



The contents and office building of Dr John Frank Schrader, well known Bridgeport pharmacist and physician, was moved to Lanterman Park for preservation during the Lawrence County Bicentennial.  Previously located north of the Schrader home at 423 North Main in Bridgeport, the building was furnished much the way it was when he died Feb 9, 1944.  

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