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710 11th Street


710  11th St   


Present United Health Care (Golden Rule Insurance Co.) Offices are now located here.


1966 The building was vacant.


19?? Building sold to Golden Rule Insurance Co


October 26, 1961 The Western Tire Store  was sold to Jesse and Mary Hockgeiger Longnecker.  The name was changed to Gamble’s and continued to carry auto supplies and household appliances as well as adding refrigerators, deep-freeze units, and washing machines.


May 24, 1956 Western Tire opened a new store located in the Borden building formerly occupied by the State Theater. The building was not only redecorated but completely remodeled with a new floor, a new modern glass front, and long shelves holding the latest in home appliances, sporting goods, a complete line of auto parts, tires and accessories, tools, paint and many other articles. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brissenden operated the store.


1940-1952? October 10, 1940 Calvert Borden, the owner of the building recently vacated by Sears, began work getting the room in shape for the opening of another theatre. Mrs. Hurley B. Gould operated the State Theatre in the building with seating for 300 patrons.


1937-1940  Sears Associated Store, managed by the L. C. Whittington Co. had their Grand Opening onJuly 8,1937. The interior was finished with black and white linoleum squares on the floor. A complete line of Sears, Roebuck & Co. household appliances were sold for the up-to-date home needs. “Because the modern home needs so many mechanical appliances,” stated Mr. Whittington, “that it has come to be a business all in itself where local service is necessary to insure the customer the most for his money.” Many comfort-making and labor-saving devices were to be found here as well as complete demonstrations of their features.


Prior to the 1940's and possibly continuing for some time afterwards, the building was divided into two separate addresses- #708 and #710. Research is continuing with city directories and old newspapers to correctly place the businesses.

     At #708 was a Firestone Home and Auto Supply Store owned by Junior Stillwell and Gentry Wright that  opened on April 24, 1941.  The store sold bicycles, radios, batteries, seat covers and Firestone tires and was under the management of Everett Seabaugh. 


1922 Lawrence County Radio Company occupied this space. The business was operated by Hanes and Cullison and sold ‘radio instruments and supplies.’


1907 Dr. Gore built the building that later became the State Theatre after he purchased the lots on which were located a small building once used as a butcher shop and then as a shoe repair shop. Dr. P.J. McGregor 's office was  upstairs of the newly constructed building as was J.C. Borden. 


1800's Research is ongoing for property owners in the 1800’s

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