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Pepple School Progress Report

MAY, 2016


In May 2016 eighty second graders from the Red Hills School district walked down from their school to the Lanterman Village. They given instruction by Ms Anne Weed, a retired teacher.  



In November 2015 the Girl Scouts of St Francisvile visited the school and experienced first hand how children attended school 50-100 years ago.  For recess they tried walking on cans with ropes attached, and making a corn cob/feather toy.



When the Lewis family held their reunion in October 2015, Bob Lewis now of Chicago wanted to see his old school.The school was opened so he could revisit his fourth grade classroom. He attended in 1933. 



Carl Hensley brought his granddaughters to school in Sept 2015 and Anne Weed explained the daily schedule of studies that included slatework, reading and ciphering. The girls tried on the dunce hat just for fun.



Lancaster Christian School visited in Sept 2015. The 'scholars' wrote notes to their schoolmarm, Ms Anne Weed saying how much they enjoyed their day. 

AUGUST, 2015


The work day at Lanterman History Village on August 1, 2015 was a success, thanks to few dedicated individuals (Clay Atkins, Larry Curry, Kiel Price and Flossie Price).    The surrounding chain link fence that had partially fallen down and contributed significantly to the neglected appearance of the site was removed. A few days before this work was done, the schoolmarm, Anne Weed, held class for a small group of children who were excited to relive the past in a very hands-on way. 

JULY, 2015


New campaign for fundraising begins. Project Manager David Burgett lists items to be done:  Repairs to siding, trim and windows; Paint exterior; Repair structural floor joist issue; Furnish more desks and books; Construct new fence. 

JUNE, 2015


The Maxine Spitler Foundation provided a grant of $5100 to do structural floor repairs.  Summer reading program at the Library toured the school. 

MAY, 2015


Sixty-five second grade students from the Bridgeport Elementary School visited the historic Pepple School and experienced the operation of school in the ‘old days.’ Lessons were presented on the chalk board, and the books, desk styles, and world map used in that time period were shown to the scholars.’ 



David Burgett presented a program to the ‘Friends of the Lanterman History Village’ describing the state of deterioration of the School and Dr. Schrader’s office building

MAY, 2014


Anne Weed, Schoolmarm, welcomed the Unit #10 2nd graders to experience school in the 1800’s. 



A comprehensive book titled Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic, Early Schools in Lawrence County was published that included histories and over 250 photographs of the 76 ‘one-room’ schoolhouses in the county. Additionally 750 photographs of the buildings and the students, most of who were identified, were scanned and sold on CD’s for genealogists and other interested persons. 



The St Francisville Academy students visited the school and tried their hand at old time crafts and school lessons. 



The Society organized a campaign to Buy-A-Bundle of shingles to reroof the schoolhouse.  Steve Cassem volunteered to do the job once the shingles were purchased. 



A power point program was presented to the community about the one room schools.



The Lawrence County Historical Society decided to expand upon a project that was initiated by the Retired Teachers’ Association several years ago.  Collection of old school photographs and memorabilia began in earnest and was catalogued in notebooks and displayed for viewing at the society museum in Lawrenceville. 



Pepple School, a one room Schoolhouse, was relocated to Lanterman Park, Bridgeport Il by the Lawrence County Bicentennial Commission.  The school house had originally been constructed about 1892 serving the Petty Township community continuously until 1938. Contained within this structure are still period schoolhouse furnishings set up as it would have been when it was in use. 

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