Ft Allison

Ft Allison

A booklet  originally written by Byron Lewis for the Historical Society in 1962, which has been reprinted  to commemorate  the War of 1812 and its effect on Lawrence County.

With the mounted Rangers stationed at Vincennes under Col Russel, the inhabitants of Ft Allison ( now known as Russellville) looked to these troops when there was Indian trouble. A letter survives dated 9 Sep 1812 from Ft Allison and signed by Thomas Mills, Samuel Allison, Thos Highsmith, Henry and Peter Kuykendall, Joseph Wilks, James Robertson, Thomas Fyffe and E.H Allison requesting assistance.

Family names of people living near the fort, during this time in our county's history who are mentioned in the booklet, include, in addition to those listed above: Tann, Morris, Anderson, McCleave, McBane, Stockwells, and Spencer.

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