Catt Family Genealogy

Catt Family Genealogy

This genealogy, titled The Catt Family, details the descendants of Michael Katz, Jr., (born c 1720) and his wife Anna Maria Mohr (born c 1722) including the related families of Alexander, Anderson, Atkinson, Ballard, Barekman, Barlow, Beckes, Bedell, Black, Blessinger, Butler, Cardinal, Carpenter, Cathey, Caton, Chesser, Clemens, Cott, Courtright, Crane, Crow, Decker, Devore, Early, Enott, Fear, Fettinger, Fithian, Frederick, Glass, Glascock, Goodman, Gray, Greentree, Hayes, Hardison, Johnson, Kimmons, Koontz, Knight, Lindy, McAtee, McCormick, McKew, McKnight, Mason, Maurer, Martin, Mays, Messel, Minor, Moore, Myers, Morgan, Neff, O'Brien, Pea, Pollard, Purcell, Robb, Roderick, Sappenfield, Scribner, Selby, Short, Simpson, Smith, Stewart, Stillwell, Sullivan, Thomas, Traylor, Walker, Waltz, Westfall, Williams, Willis, Wheeler, Woodry, Wyatt, and many many more who lived mainly in Columbiana County, Ohio; Gibson, Hancock, Henry, Knox, and Pike Counties, Indiana; Clay, Jasper, Lawrence and White Counties, Illinois; and Cole and Saline Counties, Missouri. Written by Dr. W. Cary Anderson, Indexed by Irene (Catt)Black. Published in 1989 by Dr. Anderson.   For a limited time only $25.00

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