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White Uniforms with Blue Caps

In the spring of 1926, a band was organized at BTHS (Bridgeport Township High School) but there was no leader or regular practice hours and made limited public appearances. During the summer of 1926 Dr. Schrader did much to create interest and enthusiasm for a band. Students who wished to play but had no instrument of their own could borrow and use those owned by the High School. In the fall of 1927 Mr. Horton re-organized the band and regular practice hours were held every Monday and Tuesday evening from 3:15-4:00. Twenty -two students belonged to that band.

The band played at all the home athletic games and travelled with the team several times. They also played for a few of the school pep meetings. Distinctive uniforms of white suits with blue capes were ordered for the members to wear at the ball games. The band members learned to form a “B”, and at the Robinson/ Bridgeport basketball game they sprang a surprise on the fans by forming a complete “B.T.H.S.”

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