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Stop Shooting MY chickens!

November 7, 1907 Sumner Press



A shooting affray has excited the inhabitants of the little village of St. Francisville because of the prominence of the parties involved. Sunday, M. J. Murphy, a prominent farmer, who lives about two and one half miles from town, returned home after a brief absence, and found a man busily engaged in shooting his chickens.

The man had killed six that he had piled up and was shooting at others. This naturally excited the owner, who started to run for the field where the slaughter was taking place. The man with the gun, who later proved to be Wesley Barnett, son of one of the most prominent residents in St. Francisville, yelled, "Don't you come over the fence or I'll kill you."

Murphy, not daunted, kept running toward him despite the screams of his wife. Barnett picked up his gun, a short shotgun, and began to shoot at him. He fired three shots, two of which struck Murphy in the breast. Murphy continued to run until he reached the young man, who then took the gun and began using it as a weapon. He struck Murphy over the head and arms and a battle began for possession of the gun.

In their hard-fought battle, the men covered almost a quarter of a mile of territory. Finally, Murphy got possession of the gun. The young man then exclaimed,"Uncle, you won't kill me will you?"

Murphy, who up to this time had not recognize his assailant, answered, "No, if you will just leave," which the young man did with the utmost speed.

Mr. Murphy telephoned for Marshall Brubeck, but no trace of the young man could be found. The only theory his friends can advance, for his peculiar and uncalled for actions, is that he must have been drinking, as he is known to be addicted to the drink. Mr. Murphy's wounds were dressed and he is getting along nicely. The nerve he displayed in running toward a man who was shooting at him repeatedly, was quite remarkable and shows the stuff in which he is made.

Ed Note: Well that is one way to describe Mr. Murphy....frankly I would use another adjective for any man who kept running toward another man who was shooting at him with a shotgun.

From the LCHS Photography Collection (Not Mr Murphy)

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