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Resetting E. Bell's Stone

After the stone of Elizabeth A. Bell at Bell Cemetery in Lukin Township, was reset and cleaned the inscription could be read. The passage taken from a hymn attributed to James Montgomery, 1771-1854, inscribed on the monument of Elizabeth Bell at Bell Cemetery reads as follows:

The Pains of Death are now Past

Labor and sorrow cease

And Life’s long warfare closed at last

His Soul is found in peace.

Elizabeth was born June 26, 1841, the daughter of John O and Elizabeth McLemore Bass. She married Wesley Bell, and died April 13, 1926. Some family researchers contend that she is not buried at Bell Cemetery, but her name—"Elizabeth A, Wife of Wesley Bell” is inscribed on one side of her husband’s obelisk along with the above inscription. (He must have thought she was going to lie beside him.) In cases like this it is customary for the husband’s name and the wife’s name to be on opposite sides of a stone, neither facing the front of the cemetery, but in the case of the Bell family, either she or the monument company turned the stone so she was facing the front of the cemetery and her husband’s name is facing the woods at the rear of the cemetery. When the stone was restored a few months ago, this placement was continued. Look for this stone at the very rear of Bell Cemetery.


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