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One Hundred Years Later...

These three wind-up toys are part of our new toy exhibit, Toys from the Attic. They are all made by the Marx Toy Company in New York city in the 1920s-1930s. Originally, they would have had white rubber treads that fit around the two sets of grooved tin wheels on each side. Two were missing their treads and the third set which was still on the red tin wind-up No 2 Climbing Tractor, was in very poor condition, but we could tell they were white rubber because the heat in the attic had fused parts of the treads to the aluminum 8 ½” Tractor and the US Army Tank. The wind-up mechanisms of all three did not work.

A little loving restoration, new treads, and some lubricant--- one hundred years later and Voila! Almost as good as when George Akin played with them.


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