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Don’t worry if you have not been receiving a daily blog post. We haven’t been posting daily but hopefully, we will get there.

We have been busy doing other things though. (WE could really use some more volunteers!) You might recognize these guys, L Curry and D Darnold, who have just finished our two new exhibits, Toys from the Attic and Bill Hanson’s telephone collection.

These exhibits will be shown at our October 24th meeting at the History Center. Mark it on your calendar. Our speaker will be LTHS athlete, Jay Shidler.

If you missed last month’s meeting, we discussed the Society’s latest project, restoring our rural graveyard. Cemeteries are a part of our collective history with tombstones memorializing people who once lived in the County. All true stories begin and end in a cemetery. In fact, cemeteries should be called “history parks.”

Ben Franklin said “Show me your cemetery and I will tell you the character of your community.”

Our city cemeteries and bigger ones that dot the countryside are in decent shape but not so our oldest ones, lying hidden often in the fields and woods. Monuments are broken, or have fallen over and become buried, and black mold and fungus have obliviated the engraving. What does this say about the character of our community? We ask you to help us clean and restore these cemeteries to honor our past. The cleaning is done according to professional standards, and the restoring will be done by professional restorers. If you have ancestors buried in Lawrence County, we need your help. With your financial assistance and by donating a few hours of your time, we can accomplish a lot. If you have questions, or want to spend a couple hours outside helping us, just email me or Nancy King

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