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"I work for my Liquor!"

Apparently, the Lawrence County News editor was asked where he got his ideas for his editorials, one of which must have made some folks fighting mad.   He wrote in the Thu, May 16, 1940 ·Page 1 edition the following:

“A Lawrence County old age pensioner was granted an additional amount for medical aid and was instructed to apply it toward his doctor bill.  Instead, he made a down payment on a washing machine.

He then went to the welfare office and requested home aid help to operate the washing machine. While conversing upon the subject, the assistant in the office took a couple of whiffs and accused the pensioner of imbibing from the cup that cheers.

 “I’m not spending government money on liquor,” exploded the old gentleman.  “I’ll have you know that I work for what money I spend for drinking liquor.”  “Do you suppose,” replied the welfare assistant, “that you could work for money upon which to live?’

(This blog editor doesn't know if the person/people who got fighting mad about the editorial was the old gentleman or . . .or a bunch of taxpayers.)


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