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George Field Humor

The following "joke" was printed in the Daily Record the week of Jan 3-10,1945:

Two George Field G.I.'s slightly the worse for a happy New Year's Eve celebration, boarded a bus, and tried to pay their fare to a man in uniform.

"You've made a mistake," said the officer; "I'm a naval captain, not a conductor."

"Hey Joe," exclaimed one of the pair, "let's get off--we're on a battleship."

This is an example of the impact George Field played on Lawrence County life during the WWII. Each issue of the local paper displayed a map of the battles being fought overseas, news of residents enlisted in the armed services, and articles about how to assist in war efforts. Any historian of WWII would find much to interest them in these old papers which are on-line at the Lawrence Public Library located at 814 12th St Lawrenceville, IL.

(Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser, not Internet Explorer, in order to fully access the tools on the archive website.)


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