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E. C. Cunningham's Photo Pin 1936

Each year that E C Cunningham was County School Superintendent he presented a little souvenir to each boy and girl to stimulate perfect attendance or exemplary school work. In 1934, he gave an eraser.  In 1935, he gave a combination 6-inch ruler and calendar. Another year he gave a comb and still another year he presented a celluloid book marker. For the 1937-38 school year he handed out small promotional tops.


According to a newspaper article, Coen was asked every year for a photograph or picture of himself. Because he was somewhat modest, he never considered this request strongly until the year 1936, when he presented photographic buttons with the message “I’m with E. C. Cunningham for health and physical development.”


When our school curators found this information, they were excited because they could now date the photographic pin in their collection. It’s nice to see things at a museum, but it’s so much nicer to know the story that goes with the item. Please consider when you are donating something to us, to take the time to write the story behind the artifact for future reference.

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