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Alligators in Lawrenceville

One of the newspaper researchers found the following:

Lawrence County News March 5, 1908 “Dr H V Lewis brought six alligators home with him from the south. He has them in his drug store.” (makes one wonder how big they were. . )

Live alligators in Lawrenceville were quite a novelty and surely attracted a good deal of attention and business for Dr. Lewis. The researchers tried to discover what eventually happened to them. Did they did a natural death? Were they released in the Embarras bottoms? No other information could be learned from the newspapers. However. . .

A sharp-eyed Lawrenceville yearbook reader some months later, just by happenstance, found that in 1908, Russell Lewis brought an alligator to school and exhibited it for some time from his coat pocket.

This still doesn't solve the question of what happened to the alligators but at least we know their size, . . . well, at least one of them.



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