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711 12th Street

West Side

1993 –Present The Kull Agency Inc. is located here.

711 12th Street

1972: Vacant

1956-1966: Carl Whittington Real Estate and Morris Jewelry Shop and Watch Repairing were doing business at this location. In 1956, Whittington Appliances was included with the real estate office and watch repair businesses.

1941: The West Side Café, operated by Gideon Z. Heath, was located here.

1938: Kiser Photography Studio was located briefly where the West Side Clothing store had been but moved to the Maxwell building on State Street on June 16, 1938.

1922-1925: The West Side Clothing Store was owned by C. L. Breen, and managed by Charles E. Bramble. They sold clothing and shoes.

1913: When fire broke out in the Carrithers Grocery Store to the south, it spread to the entire building including the building to north where the West Side clothing store was located. The A.M. Fyffe building to the north of this one was flooded and all the buildings to the south of Carrithers were water-damaged.

Second Floor
1956-1966: Bey Printing Office, owned by William B. Bey was located here.

1941: Frank B. Gosnell, Insurance Agent and Home Loan and Finance Co, managed by F.L. Baker, had offices on the second floor.

1937-1941: Dr. Fred Weiler, Optometrist also had an office upstairs. see ad

1922: The offices of the Title & Trust Co., Abstractors and T. H. Cunningham, Esq., the State’s Attorney in 1905 were located on the second floor. In 1922, Charles Bramble, manager of the West Side Clothing Store, roomed upstairs also.

See #713 12th Street for information about Third Floor of this building.

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