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709 12th Street

West Side

1993-Present: H&R Block (Tax Preparers) have offices at this location.

709 12th Street

1990 -2012: Special Effects Photography, specializing in seniors and children’s portraits, was located here. Owned by Dale and Pam Magnum they offering traditional and contemporary types of portraits. For eleven years prior to opening this business Dale had photographed children's groups and weddings.

1993-Present: H&R Block (Tax Preparers) have offices at this location.

1972: Vacant

1967- 1969: Joseph’s Music Store

1966: Vacant

1936- 1961: Haines Hardware Store was owned and operated by Ira Haines and wife Ruby, brother Milt, son Don, and his wife, Joan. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Haines and son Donald celebrated their 25th anniversary as hardware merchants and plumbing and heating contractors in 1961. They had purchased the business of A. M. Fyffe and Co. on May 14, 1936 after the death of C. F. Eshelman, one of the partners in the firm and the last member. Miss Clarice Cooper, Russell Richards, Frank Moore, and Dan Potter continued as employees of the store at that time.

1900- 1936: The Firm of A. M. Fyffe & Co. was established in 1894 by A. M. Fyffe and Charles F. Eshelman, who were brothers-in-law. They sold hardware and farm implements, operated a tin shop, and did plumbing and heating contracting. By 1923 they were selling bicycles too. Eshelman operated the business after the death of Mr. Fyffe, with Mrs. Fyffe retaining an interest.

1913: Fire broke out in Carrithers Grocery Store and spread throughout the entire building including the building to north which included the West Side Clothing Store. The A.M. Fyffe building was flooded and all buildings to the south were water-damaged.

1956: The F. B. Gosnell & Son Ins. Agency and Dr. J. J. Matricia’s Office were located upstairs.

1936: Dr Fred Weiler who had previously shared office space with Mr. Kearney moved his optical equipment to the rooms over A.M. Fyffe & Co. on Jan 2, 1936. (At various times the post office address listed his address as #711 12th St.

1920: Dr. V. L. Heath, the Dentist, had his offices over A. M. Fyffe & Co. Hardware store.

1912: The Office of R. D. Sprinkell, J.P. moved to the west side of the square in March, 1912, next door to Lawrenceville Land and Loan Company’s office and Fyffe’s Hardware Company office over the store. Lawrenceville Land & Loan Company also dealt in real estate sales.

1900: T C Watts remodeled the rooms over the Fyffe & Co Hardware store for Dr Dank's office.

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