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1104 Jefferson Street

South Side

Present Day: Sign of the Kingdom occupies the space.

1104 Jefferson Street

1989: Chamber of Commerce office was located here.

1972: The building was vacant.

1966-1971: The Ada- Lee Candy Shop was owned by Flossie Lackey.

1959?: Everett Thrall owned the shop; Evelyn Thrall managed it and worked the counter. Flossie Lackey and Marge Mardis made candy in the basement.

Sept 1 1955: The Ada-Lee business, equipment and the recipes for the famous Ada –Lee candies were sold to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith. Mrs. Eliza Lewis who had been employed by Mrs. Ada Crow for 18 years continued in the candy production while Pauline McNew continued in the salesroom. Additionally new equipment was added to the fountain service to allow Larry Smith, son of the owner, to offer ice cream, malts, sundaes, coffee and other specialties to the public. Thirteen customers could be served at a time at the new tables. The salesroom was on the first floor with a gleaming white workshop in the basement for the candy- making.

Nov 1934: Leland and Ada Crow enclosed the front porch of their house on 13th St and opened their candy business naming it after Mrs. Crow-”Ada Lee.” The business became so successful that they rented a store on the south side of the town square between the Central Illinois Public Service and the J.C. Penney store in November 1934. Because of the heat, the shop was closed for the summer, to be opened again with the first day of school. A year later they built a soda fountain into the store which proved to be an important business decision. After the death of Mr. Crow, Ada continued in the candy-making business and Ada-Lee Chocolate became famous as a Lawrenceville product.

1934: J.E. Homrighous operated a business here.

1800’s: Owners of property being researched.

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