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722 11th Street


722 11th Street   (Corner of 11th and Jefferson)


20??-2014  The Steak Shack now operates at this location.


1989 Rock & Associates, a specialty business opened.


1976 The dental office of L..LB. Jacobson remained upstairs. 


1972 The Big Four Insurance Association (W. H. Ostrander Secy-Treas), as well as L. L. B. Jacobson, DDS, had offices in the building. There were two apartments rented upstairs.


1966 The offices of The Big Four Insurance Association, Randolph Life Insurance Association, Inland Insurance Union, and Old Wabash Life Insurance Assn. with W. H. Ostrander listed as Secretary –Treasurer of all these companies were located in this corner building along with L. L. B. Jacobson, DDS, who had his office upstairs over the Lounge. (See #720 11th Street) There were several residential tenants residing in the six apartments upstairs.


October 1961  A fire did considerable damage to the building when a grease fire in the Lounge at #720 11th St ignited and spread to the ventilating system.  The damage was principally from smoke and water with the entire lower floor smoke damaged as were the apartments and offices of Dr. L. L. B. Jacobson, located on the second floor.


1961 The building was being used by the Lounge, the Big Four Insurance Company, a Barber shop, Paul’s Inn, the dental offices of Dr. L. L. B. Jacobson, and apartments.


1955 The apartments upstairs were known as the Adams Apartments. Dr. L. L. B. Jacobson had his dental practice on the second floor. The Big Four Insurance Assn had their offices in the building also. 


1950’s The building was purchased by Paul Leach and remodeled, repainted, and tuck pointed.


19??  The building was purchased by Alex Adams.


1941 The 11 apartments upstairs were known as the Gore Apartments. Mrs. Anna Pitman, Mrs. Virginia Geiman, Mrs. Ethel Johnson, Mrs. Drethie Lawson, Mrs. Doris Dale, Miss La Vaughn Utt, Mrs. Bura Barnett, Mrs. Conrader Wright, Mrs. Effie Johnson, Mrs. Sarah Hutcherson, Miss Nola Vaugh, and Miss Estella Pinkstaff. 


1925 The Rooney Grocery Store with M. A. Rooney as manager was located at 722 11th street.


1922-1925 Delmonico Confectionery occupied this corner business location selling candy and cigars. However by August 5, 1925 the store had closed and the stock had been shipped to Cincinnati.


19?? An early photo shows a business named Reeds as being in this location.


1912 Martin L. Cassell sold his ice cream parlor and confectionery business to Ms. Fanny Laugel, an employee of Mr. Cassell and his father for the past 10 years.


1909-1912 Cassell Candy Kitchen and Book Store were the original tenants. In 1911 just after their 2nd anniversary, Cassell Candy Kitchen installed a new auto carbonator and modern electric drink mixer. A Vincennes newspaper noted that M. L. Cassell had made extensive improvements to his candy factory. He had installed a new spinning furnace, cutters, rollers and several other pieces of machinery.  He was then able to make all kinds of candies with the exception of chocolates.  Martin Cassell was the son of W W Cassell of Vincennes  and previously had been in partnership with his father.  His wife was the former Alice Saively. 


1909 Messrs Lutes and Berry, local contractors, were given the contract by A. L Maxwell, owner, for the construction of a two story brick building on the southeast corner of the square: one room on Main St ( now 11th St) to be used as a garage, the corner room to be a confectionery and ice cream store, and behind it was the garage entrance.


 (For history of individual businesses occupying this building see both #720 and #722 11th Street.)


1800’s Research is ongoing for property owners in the 1800’s.



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