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715 12th Street

715 12th Street

2012-Present The building was purchased by Chris and Lindsey Sechrest.


1970’s- 2012 Allen Large, Esq., had a law office in this building.


1956 -1972 Various city directories and phone books listed the establishment at this address as the West Side Cigar Store.


1937 -1941 The West Side Billiard Parlor opened for business in September 1937. The room previously known as the City Cigar Store had been fully redecorated and the floor covered with a cork carpet. Art Devonshire was in charge of the recreation center.


1933 C. O. David purchased the City Cigar store on the West side of Square, being the only bidder at the sheriff’s sale held to satisfy a chattel mortgage held by First National Bank. The purchase price was $4000. The mortgage notes were $7900.


1922 The City Cigar Store sold cigars, tobacco, and soft drinks and was managed by Clyde A. Storer. Customers could also play billiards here.


1913 This building suffered water damage when fire broke out in the Carrithers Grocery Store to the north.


1911? After Sylvester Gee built the present building, it is believed E. N. Dorsey operated the first of several Billiard Halls to be located here.




Present: Vacant


1956-1959 Located upstairs was the H. Kirkpatrick Dental Lab.


1922-1941 The Ambraw Printing Co was located there during these years. In 1922, it was owned by Dwight Hunt, but by 1923 C. A. Hunt advertised he did job printing.


1920 Miss Pearl Yelch sold wall paper upstairs  over the City Cigar Store.  Her business was located through the first door to the left at the head of the stairs on the east side of the hall.  She also did dress making. 


1912 Dr L.W. Plummer opened an office on Dec 19, 1912 in the Una building for the fitting of glasses. (His office may have been at #717.)

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