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1124 1/2 Jefferson Street

1124 1/2 Jefferson Street

The businesses located upstairs over the bank and also those over the Gee building to the east are difficult to place in the correct building. The city directories used different street number addresses and often the businesses themselves when they advertised merely said Gee Building, not differentiating between which of the three Gee buildings located I that block was correct.


1966 Industrial Radio Assoc. owned by Whitmer, Billingsley & Cannon


1941- 1972 The Offices of the Red Cross of Lawrence Co were located upstairs with Mrs. Crusse as secretary.


1941 The offices of Gee and Shaw were listed as being located here. Fred W Gee and Raleigh M Shaw, were business partners.


Room 2-3

1956 The offices of Dale Insurance Agency managed by Wm H Dale , Tohill & Gosnell Inc and Gosnell & Fitzpatrick Attys were located here according to one city directory.


1941 Vacant


1935 Mrs Alice Vandament purchased the equipment and good will of the Patsy Ann Beauty Shop over the Farmers State Bank. Mrs. Inez McKelvey was her assistant according to an early newspaper article.


Room 4 

1941 Wabash Production Credit Assn offices were here with E. F. Loveless as the Secretary-Treasurer.


Room 5

1941 The Offices of the Peoples Building & Loan Assn with Jas. M. Groff, President; Thomas E. Sullivan, Vice-President; John O. Smith, Secretary; and Leslie G. Gee Treasurer.


Room 6

1941 Shell Oil Co had an office here with G. D. Lambert as the seismologist. The company engaged in oil exploration.


Room 7

1941 Lester & Wichter


Room 8-9

1966- 1972 Tohill & Gosnell, Abstract Office was located here. Sarah E. Ridgley was the manager.


1941 The Law offices of Noah M. Tohill and Maurice E. Gosnell were located here.


Room #10

1941-66 The Office of Joe. S. Young, Oil Producer and Contractor were located here with Joe W. Young listed as Trustee.


1966 The Law Office of Maurice E Gosnell and Edward Benecki were located here.1941 James M Groff, attorney occupied Rooms 10-11.

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